What's Wrong With "Standardized" Testing by James W. Loewen

The Validity of "Standardized" Testing in Education and Employment

Loewen was the lead panelist in hearings held by the United States Commission on Civil Rights (back when we had one). His initial testimony is on pages 41-45. On pages 58-59, Loewen's remarks prompt Dr. Nancy Cole, then vice-president of ETS, to agree that she "would also prefer that the Scholastic Aptitude Test didn't have the term 'aptitude' in its name." Dr. Lloyd Bond also agreed. Later, when Dr. Cole became head of ETS, she changed the name to "Scholastic Assessment Test." Then, after ETS realized the new name was redundant, it was changed simply to "SAT." Today, "SAT" stands for SAT!

Loewen has additional comments on pages 60-62. His paper, "A Sociological View of Aptitude Tests," occupies pages 73-91. He also recommends testimony and papers by other panelists and by Eileen Rudert, who edited the volume.

Additional Work by Loewen Questioning "Standardized" Testing

"Here We Go Again: Tests for the Common Core May Be Unfair to Some and Boring To All"
"Revising the SAT To Make It Even Worse"
Back in 1973, Loewen Questioned the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) As a Poor Tool for Graduate Admissions. This letter (on page 7) appeared in the newsletter of the American Sociological Association.

Loewen's Work on "Standardized" Testing Used by Others

Dean of All Civil Rights Law Groups Makes Use of Loewen's Attacks on "Standardized" Testing in its Amicus Brief in the Harvard Admissions Case. (Full Amicus Brief) (Press Release)

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