Possible Sundown Towns in AL

[This list is a work in progress. You can assess the information provided to form your own determination as to whether the town is a confirmed sundown town. If you have additional information, pro or con, please email it to us. Also note: some towns are *’d. They are not suspected sundown towns but are listed for other reasons. If your research (or ours) convinces you that a town was a sundown town, consider helping it transcend its white supremacist past. Goshen, IN, and La Crosse, WI, discussed on this website, provide examples of places that have done so. Also, make sure that descriptions of the town in state encyclopedias, Wikipedia, etc., acknowledge that it was a sundown town.]

Cullman County
Good Hope
Hokes Bluff
Orange Beach
Sand Mountain
Vestavia Hills
West Point
Winston County

*Not a suspected sundown town but of interest for other reasons.

Know of a town that should be on this list? Know of a town that has taken steps to leave its white supremacist past behind? Either way, email us, and tell us about it.

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