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#4: Confederate Dead Are Everywhere...

Heading east from Texas, we reach Cleveland, Mississippi, a hundred miles below Memphis. A typical Confederate monument dominates the lawn of the courthouse, the usual bronze sentry on a pedestal, on whose base are the words: "Bolivar Troop Chapter U.D.C. / C.S.A. / To the memory of our Confederate dead / 1861-65." But Cleveland never had any Confederate dead, because Cleveland did not exist during the Civil War or for some decades afterwards. All across America, from Helena, Montana (!), to Rockville, Maryland, stand "loving tributes to our Confederate soldiers." As a result, states that were predominantly Unionist now look Confederate. Kentucky, for example, did not secede. In all, some 90,000 Kentuckians fought for the United States as against 35,000 for the Confederate States. Nevertheless, today the state boasts 72 Confederate monuments and only two Union ones!

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