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Basic Information
Type of PlaceIndependent City or Town
Metro Area?Independent City or Town
Politics c. 1860?Don't Know
Unions, Organized Labor?Don't Know

Sundown Town Status
Confirmed Sundown Town?Possible
Year of Greatest Interest
Was there an ordinance?Don't Know
Sign?Don't Know
Still Sundown?Surely Not

Census Information

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Coach Gene "Ronzani had shown some courage in the pre-season by signing African Americans Jim Thomas and Jim Clark to Packer contracts, but he took the easy way out" and cut them. "After watching his team get its collective butt whipped on several occasions and attributing their poor showing to the glaring fact that the Packers were one of the two teams in the 13-team league without a player of African ancestry (the other being the Washington Redskins), the coach picked Bob Mann" off waivers just before the home finale in 1950. Bob Mann played 1950-54. [Larry Names, The History of the Green Bay Packers, IV, The Shameful Years (Wautoma: Angel Press, 1995), 44.] Green Bay had a near draft riot, mostly of Belgians, around Nov. 10, 1862. Belgians and Irish opposed the draft, so two companies of troops were sent to Ft. Howard. [Deborah Martin, History of Brown County, WI (Chicago: S. J. Clarke, 1913), 205 and 213.] According to a local librarian: In about 1970, a black woman in a Green Bay supermarket gets asked by a well-meaning white woman, "Oh, and which Packer wife are you?" She happened not to be, but replied, "I'm Mrs. Bart Starr!" 1969-70, Green Bay had 13 blacks. [Ploski and Kaiser, ed., The Negro Almanac (Bellwether, 19), 628.] A resident of Green Bay sent this anecdote about her son in a 2014 email: "...My son said that the police were constantly [harassing] his friend and him. My son finally found a one bedroom apartment. He was so happy. One night he and his friend were walking to my house. It was a cold night and snowing like crazy. They were walking down a side street and out of nowhere a policeman came up, put on his lights and proceeded to handcuff then search them even after protests..." 2014 email: "... I do know that when I first got here (92) there were so few black people that every black person was assumed to be Packer related..."
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