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Basic Information
Type of PlaceIndependent City or Town
Metro Area?Independent City or Town
Politics c. 1860?
Unions, Organized Labor?

Sundown Town Status
Confirmed Sundown Town?Surely
Year of Greatest Interest
Was there an ordinance?Don't Know
Sign?Yes, Strong Oral Tradition
Still Sundown?Probably

Census Information

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Method of Exclusion

Main Ethnic Group(s).

Group(s) Excluded

email 2/2008 In 2005, three white men burned a cross on the front yard of a black resident living in/near Fouke. They were arrested and convicted. One was sentenced to home detention, probation, and a $2,000 fine. Sentencing for the other two has been contested and is still uncertain as of 3/2008. New sentencing hearing ordered for two convicted of hate crime *** email 11/2007: One person at the NAI Workshop, 11/2007, said the Fouke monster was said to eat African Americans who remained there after dark. Another person said he thought that was just an example of conflation. *** Fouke's two African-American residents are an aged couple in their seventies. "There are no black children in the schools. They had one Asian child, and one Latino, but they didn't last but one year." "As of 2:00 P.M may 23 2001, it is still nigger free, no niggers bus in and urine head would piss in his pants if he stoped in that town." -Fouke resident "They don't try any one thing. The colored people just don't have any business here, and so they don't try to live here." "As far back as the late twenties colored people weren't welcome in Fouke, Arkansas to live, or to work in town. The city put up an almost life sized chalk statue of a colored man at the city limit line, he had an iron bar in one hand and was pointing out of town with the other hand. The city kept the statue painted and dressed, really taking good care of it. Back in those days colored people were run out of Fouke, one was even hung from a large oak tree, and there's a tree that is still referred to as the hanging tree. The man was hung with a necktie and a red handkerchief; a five-dollar bill was sticking out of his pocket for any person wanting to bury the man. The story was that the man had come into Fouke, committed rape among other things, was apprehended and hung. Justice was served. The original 'hanging tree' died of natural causes back in the mid sixties. The story has been passed on to another tree that could easily be mistaken for the original tree. My guess is that Fouke will always have a 'hanging tree,' the name being passed down from one tree to another, keeping the story alive. As of this date there are no colored people living within miles of Fouke, so the attention getter, the means to shake the little town up isn't 'the Russians are coming,' it's someone is importing colored people into town."
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